Playable ads for any kind of brand!

Playable ads are interactive ads where the player can access a mini game or quick tutorials without leaving the ad. This format is very common for presenting a demo of a video game or teaching the user the advantages of downloading your brand’s application. But did you know that many companies that aren’t game developers […]

How playable ads can bring more people to your game

Mobile games in recent years have gained more popularity. Cell phones are becoming more powerful and the need for computers has decreased. Thanks to this, the mobile gaming market achieved revenue of $90 billion. That’s half the revenue of the entire gaming industry. But the fact that the mobile gaming market is a gold mine […]

Want to get more retention for your app ? Try playable ads

As the creation of Apps has become more viable, many companies have adopted the idea and started creating their own Apps. The objective is simple, to make people’s lives easier. Sometimes it is a transport or travel company and it is advantageous for the customer to have their necessary information in an easily accessible place. […]

Netflix joined forces with Roblox and created Nextworld

On May 9th, the new metaverse called Nextworld created by Netflix in partnership with Roblox entered early access. Many people still remain skeptical about the metaverse and this is normal. So was this really the best choice? Believe it or not, but I would say it was brilliant. Let’s take a look at how Netflix […]

Metaverse and how to use it in your marketing strategy?

Metaverse is it the future? Is anyone using it? The truth may surprise you. First things first, what is the metaverse? Depending on who you ask this question to, you may get different answers. “It’s the future!” some will say. Another group of people will listen and reply, “It’s not, that was a failure!“ It’s […]

How to target Gen-Z and Alpha in your Marketing strategy

Every self-respecting company segments its market. You might not think so, perhaps “my product is for everyone” and as much as you may think this is noble, it is not true. People are different, you and I are different. In reality, humans are complex and complicated creatures, we have different tastes and different stories. Other […]

The importance of meaningful experiences in your marketing

According to the Meaningful Brands study, 75% of brands could disappear and they wouldn’t be missed in people’s lives. This happens because brands are constantly overloading people with useless or irrelevant information, making their customers feel averse to any attempt of advertising. Scary, isn’t it? What if I told you that it was possible to […]