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Your website is your home on the internet. If you want to be part of the digital world, you need to have a website. But you already know that, right?

The truth is that you are not here to know the advantages of a website. Everyone already knows about this because it is nothing new.

The time when having a website was a differentiating factor has passed, now it is the basics. But if you want a really differentiating factor, I have the solution for you.

Mini games

Getting people’s attention on the internet has become a challenge. With thousands of ads everywhere, people are much more selective. But a company that doesn’t communicate is doomed to disappear, so how can mini games help?

Imagine we are making an exchange. On our side, we are communicating our product and creating new leads, on the user’s side we keep them entertained with a fun game.

It sounds simple, but this is the philosophy we believe in and the dogma we follow. People are overwhelmed with boring information but are lacking in entertainment. How do you think TikTok has grown so much in a short time?

Big companies already do this, want to see?


An 8-bit platform mini game where an avatar of the artist BFRND has to run while avoiding obstacles and collecting items from the Balenciaga brand

Operating in the luxury fashion line, Balenciaga is constantly using games to attract the attention of its customers and making the world talk about it.

Almost every season, Balenciaga makes some move to incorporate games into its marketing strategy. Metaverse, video games, VR and AR experiences, everything.

The most recent example of this began on May 21, 2024. In partnership with the artist BFRND, they created an 8-bit video game where the player controls the artist. This video game is available on the Balenciaga website.


The home screen of the KFC mini game where there are shrimps, a Japanese temple and a start button
Program ace

In 2020, in Japan, the fast food company KFC wanted to introduce shrimp as a new product in its restaurants. In order to make people aware of the new product, the fast food company KFC launched a campaign centered around the mini game “shrimp attack”.

A very simple game and a very simple campaign, but the result was so positive that they had to end the campaign halfway through because of lack of shrimp. Funny, right?

This example is proof of how the power of mini games is underestimated in companies. What was supposed to be just a simple campaign resulted in a 95% engagement rate with almost 200,000 unique players

What are the advantages compared to traditional strategies?

“I recognize that there are companies that invest in this market, but what is the advantage of this strategy over normal strategies?” If you have the mind of an entrepreneur, you must be asking yourself exactly this.

This is normal. Everything represents an opportunity cost that must be measured, so let’s evaluate the advantages of mini games on the website compared to normal strategies.

More qualified leads

Creating a personalized mini game for your own brand seems expensive. The reality is that it is not as expensive as you might think. Yes, they are more expensive than most traditional strategies, but the number of leads generated through mini games is much higher.

But why “qualified”? Because leads created through a mini game chose to interact with the brand first and are willing to learn more about it. These leads willingly offered their data, already awaiting our future actions. We are not trying to get in touch with curious people. The curiosity phase has passed. Everyone here is on the verge of becoming your customers. They’re just waiting for you to ask.

Differentiating factor

Having a website is no longer a differentiating factor. If you want to stand out, you need to be unique. Do you know why companies use this strategy on their website? Because it is different and everything that is different is commented on, your brand awareness will spread and be publicized through blogs, news, word of mouth, etc.

Gaining customer loyalty

Besides the role of generating new customers, it is very important to retain current customers. There are several strategies for this, but they all revolve around “interest.” If your company presents some type of interest to the customer, they will continue as a customer.

With mini games, it is possible to generate different types of interest for different types of segments. Remember what I said about the exchange? We offer entertainment in exchange for customer attention, this also applies to loyalty.

Source of new ideas

Let’s say your company has been on the market for years and has a good customer base and an exemplary track record in marketing strategies. With each success in sequence, expectations and pressure are added from customers and yourself. We call this “the weight of success”.

The problem is that keeping innovating is not easy, that’s why we are here. With mini games, the possibilities for innovation are limited by our creativity, and we have plenty of that.

And you? Can you imagine your company making use of mini games? Even if it doesn’t, we can. Then contact us to create the ideal mini game for your website.

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