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Email marketing is one of the most used practices in marketing because allows a direct channel with the customer. Communicating the right message to the right person at the right time is the purpose of email marketing. It turns out that this strategy has problems… People spend an average of 8 seconds per email!

If the email strategy is well structured, we have already selected and filtered the customers in our database, and sending the email is the final step. 8 seconds it’s not enough! We create a whole logistics to deliver the perfect message that customers will only read for 8 seconds. Our goal is to extend this time.

The people who agreed to receive emails from your company are already interested in your brand. Don’t be annoying and ruin everything! The way we present the content needs to be interesting for the message to have an impact. That’s why we use mini games in our strategies.

Why mini games?

The answer is simple: Because it’s fun!

We are already talking to a very specific customer, creating an informal environment and simulating a conversation with a friend is the key to transforming this Lead into a customer. We found that, above all, creating this informal and friendly environment using mini games increases the conversion rate by 400%.

Whether your goal is to communicate, promote, teach, or sell. Don’t make your message boring! let’s see some examples?

Simple but entertaining

A mini game in someone's email. It has two cats at two different ends and paths that change depending on the user's click. The objective is to connect the paths from one cat to another

There is no rule on how to use mini games in your email marketing, but the simpler it is, the less it costs. Giving the user the task of creating a path from A to B is enough to maintain an interaction lasting more than 30 seconds. Much more than 8, right?

The sky is the limit

A mini game in a person's email. The screen is the entrance to a horror mansion with bats flying over the house and a figure to represent the grim reaper are on the screen. It has a text written "can you escape your fears" with an "enter" button right at the bottom
Really Good Emails

Of course, if the resources are available, it is possible to bring creativity to life and do incredible things. Mini games offer the advantage of being adjustable depending on the budget offered. Doing with little is infinitely better than not doing at all.

Be unique now, not later

The implementation of mini games in emails has already been proven successful. Many companies are still afraid to try because they know that the production price is a little higher. However, the 400% conversion rate makes the return on investment (ROI) positive compared to traditional strategies.

But do you know why this strategy works? Because it’s different. When all companies discover the results and start implementing this strategy, it will no longer be special and will become more of the same.

The question to ask is: When? Now when will you be seen as unique and innovative or when everyone is doing it and you need to copy to follow?

If you want to implement mini games in your emails, contact us so we can develop the right mini game for your company

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