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3 cell phones. each with a different playable ad. The first is a memory game from Amazon. The second is a mc donalds maze. The third is from an E-commerce store

Playable ads are interactive ads where the player can access a mini game or quick tutorials without leaving the ad. This format is very common for presenting a demo of a video game or teaching the user the advantages of downloading your brand’s application.

But did you know that many companies that aren’t game developers can and are already using playable ads?

People are overwhelmed with boring advertisements every day. According to Red Crow Marketing Inc, people are being exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements EVERY DAY. Do you remember the last ads you saw? If you remember them it’s great, they survived the thousands who tried to reach you.

Our goal as a company is to transform all of our clients’ advertisements into memorable and meaningful experiences. It is with this objective in mind that we use playable ads in our marketing campaigns.

Can Playable ads be useful for my business?


I don’t know what type of business your company does, but I’m sure that using playable ads will ensure more results than traditional ads.

The principle of playable ads is to convey the brand’s message in an interesting and engaging way. Even if you have a non-gaming company, creating a mini game of your product or service is simple and will be a differentiator for your customers and competitors.

Creativity is key to standing out in the business world, and luckily we have plenty.

Let’s see some examples?


The objective is simple: take the fries or coke to the Big Mac. They present this objective in less than 5 seconds. Why is it important? Because if something needs more than 8 seconds to catch our attention in an ad, our attention will be diverted. For the sake of curiosity, a goldfish’s attention span is 9 seconds.

After the introduction, the player spends about 15 seconds to complete the challenge. If it takes longer than that, there’s a chance he’ll give up on going to the end.

Finally, present a call to action for the player, this is the most important part and you can spend 5 to 10 seconds on it. Direct the player to where they will convert from a Lead to a customer, in the case of McDonald’s, for the brand’s app.

A print of the beginning of a playable ad for the McDonald's brand. The game is a simulation of a maze and the player is induced to go through the maze until reaching Big Mac at the end.

Burger King

I imagine you could see this one coming, right? Burger King also joined the initiative and incorporated playable ads into its campaign.

If you were paying attention to the previous example, you already know the structure they used:
1- Introduce the objective for the player.
2- entertain him for 15 seconds.
3- Mobilize this lead to its final destination.

Three prints of different parts of the same Burger King playable ad. The first is to attract the public's attention with instructions and a "Start" button. The second is a gameplay demonstration that consists of collecting the ingredients needed to make a Whopper. The third is a call to action along with a coupon to direct the player to the nearest store
Burger King


Ok, I understand that playable ads work with fast foods, but what else?” The limit of creativity is the same number of stars in the universe.

To get away from the topic of food, let’s talk about sports. Tipico is an international provider of sports betting and casino games. They also used playable ads in their marketing strategies.

And the formula remains the same, present a tutorial in 5 seconds, entertain the player for 15 and direct him to his final destination.

The image is a print of a playable ad for a sports betting brand called "Tipico". The image is a simulation of a football foul where the player has to take the shot and hit the goal
Playable Factory

Are they better than traditional ads?

First things first, advertisements need to be fun, that’s our motto and what we believe in. If we can choose how we will be remembered, we want it to be with a smile on our face.

Think of it as a trade. We want to promote our brand to people, in return they get a little entertainment. And the numbers don’t lie, it really works.


More attention: Players pay 47% more attention compared to traditional ads. This happens because the user is directly involved with the ad, not just receiving it.

More meaningful: They are 32% more memorable. It’s normal to remember something that stood out among the rest.

More qualified lead: Leads created by playable ads are more qualified because it is the person who chose to interact with the brand first. There are no curious people here, all leads are interested people who want to know more and are much more likely to become future customers.

Better brand awareness: Everything that stands out receives comments. Whether through word of mouth or something viral on social media, people are more likely to comment on playable ads.

More data: It’s much easier to collect valuable data through playable ads. With traditional ads, it is sometimes difficult to know who actually saw the ad, but playable ads we have the exact time that the user interacted with the ad. It is also possible to discover people’s tastes, present two choices and see which path the player chooses. All this without asking anything directly.

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): Yes, playable ads are a little more expensive to develop when compared to traditional ads, but the return is more effective than several traditional ads together. So at the end of the day, the cost per customer is lower.

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