How playable ads can bring more people to your game

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Mobile games in recent years have gained more popularity. Cell phones are becoming more powerful and the need for computers has decreased. Thanks to this, the mobile gaming market achieved revenue of $90 billion. That’s half the revenue of the entire gaming industry.

But the fact that the mobile gaming market is a gold mine is nothing new, it’s no surprise that investment in this industry is very high.

Competitiveness is also growing more and more, hundreds of applications, perhaps thousands, enter stores every day. They all try to be the one who will be lucky enough to become popular.

Lucky”? Developing hundreds of video games with the hope that one of them will be popular… Is this really the right way?

That’s definitely one way, now the best one? Maybe trying your luck at a casino will bring results without needing so much work.

If you want to work so that your game has the reach you think it deserves, you need to think outside the box. This is where playable ads come into play

What Are Playable Ads?

Playable ads are interactive ads that allow the user to have a small demo experience before actually installing the game.

The objective is simple, to present the features of your game before people download it. A person who already knows what the app will be is more likely to try the final version,

But people don’t have much time! Get the user interested in less than 30 seconds. If the user wants more, they can go to the main application.

But are they better than traditional ads?


Think with me, your game ad was targeted at a potential lead of yours, with a traditional marketing strategy such as video or static image this lead may even be interested, but when they install the application they will realize that in fact that wasn’t what they wanted.

With a playable ad, all leads who downloaded the game through the ad are qualified leads. They already know what awaits them and went looking for it, generating higher retention rates.

Costs are also a positive point. Yes, they are more expensive to develop, but their results are so superior to traditional advertising that the cost per lead is lower and more qualified.

Playable ads are also more memorable, when a playable ad is well done it will stay in the player’s memory for longer.. This is a differentiating factor that will make your game stand out like a star among planets.

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