Want to get more retention for your app ? Try playable ads

A bunch of icons from the most popular applications filling the entire screen. The goal is to show how playable ads can make people go to these apps

As the creation of Apps has become more viable, many companies have adopted the idea and started creating their own Apps.

The objective is simple, to make people’s lives easier.

Sometimes it is a transport or travel company and it is advantageous for the customer to have their necessary information in an easily accessible place. This is the case for almost all airlines like TAP and Air France.

Many restaurants and fast foods also have their own app. They serve primarily to offer promotions and try to convert the consumer into a loyal customer. Burger King and McDonald’s have been doing this for years and very well.

Developing an app is often directly linked to the strategy of implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in your company. Of course, an app is not necessary to practice CRM in the company, but when the business starts to grow, an app starts to have more advantages.

Whatever the reason that made the company develop an application, they all have the same problem: many refuse to use it. That’s where playable ads can help.

How to use playable ads?

Playable ads are interactive ads that allow the user to have a small demo experience before actually installing the app. This demo experience serves to show the best of the advantages that the app can offer.

The use of playable ads also helps with the need to teach the user how to use the app. If you can teach your audience the advantages and practicalities of your app in less than 30 seconds and present it as a demo, people will be much more likely to download the app now that they know how to use it.

People work best when they are rewarded, and that reward has to come immediately. Which has a greater impact? “Download our app and find out about our new promotions” or “Download our app and receive a discount coupon NOW!”. In the end, humans are not that difficult to understand.

Of course, just distributing rewards is not that profitable and can also cause distrust. After all, we grew up hearing the expression “There is no free lunch“.

It turns out that getting around this is very easy, just make the customer think they deserved it. With playable ads it is possible to create mini games where the user needs to concentrate to pass a challenge, after this challenge we ask them to redeem their reward within the app.

The possibilities are endless and creativity is the road to success.

But are playable ads better than traditional ads?

Playable ads seem like they need more time to be done and usually this comes with more costs… right? It depends on what kind of costs we are talking about.

It is true that playable ads cost more to produce than normal ads, but in the business world what matters are results and the results show that playable ads can generate more qualified leads than traditional ads at less cost.

And why is this lead more qualified?

This happens because the user has already tried a preview of the app, they already know what they are going to find and are willing to stay.

But remember that good playable ads need a good app to work. Your app must be useful to people!

Convincing people to install it and in the end they discover that it is not as useful as it seemed will only make people lose the trust they have in your brand.

If you already have an app and want more people to use it, consider using playable ads in your strategy.

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