The importance of meaningful experiences in your marketing

According to the Meaningful Brands study, 75% of brands could disappear and they wouldn’t be missed in people’s lives.

This happens because brands are constantly overloading people with useless or irrelevant information, making their customers feel averse to any attempt of advertising.

Scary, isn’t it?

What if I told you that it was possible to completely change this aversion and convert into potential leads?

As incredible as it may seem, the answer is quite simple, just don’t make boring content… but how? Here, let me teach you.

Interactive advertising

Interactive advertising offers the possibility of creating a closer relationship with the customer because the customer participates directly in the brand’s communication strategy, and there are countless ways to apply interactive advertising to your business, here is a great example:

Playable ads have the highest conversion rate when compared to normal ads. This happens because as soon as the user makes their first contact with the ad their attention increases drastically. In a traditional advertisement the customer has no control, so he does not need attention. When it comes to playable ads, the customer needs to pay more attention compared to just waiting for the ad to finish, and it is this attention that we can get more leads.

And how much does a playable ad cost? Is it more expensive than traditional ads?

In truth, playable ads have an affordable price. When thinking about investing in marketing strategies, any investment in digital is trivial when compared to productions for TV ads and billboards.

Are playable ads worth it?

We live in a digital era that is constantly changing, the need to do things differently and do it better is real. This means that marketing strategies focused on playable ads can be key components to differentiate your company from competitors. Remember what i said said before? 75% of brands could disappear because they don’t make a difference, doing more of the same is not meaningful, if you want to shake the market you need to be different. So, the question you should ask yourself is “How am I going to be part of this 25%?”

Are you interested in applying a playable ads strategy to your company? Get in touch with us and discover an ideal playable ad for your market.

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